Key information for before applying for a credit

Applying for a loan is an excellent way to fulfill dreams and goals that you can not keep waiting for, also to obtain peace of mind when meeting emergencies or setbacks that life presents to us.

But something important is that before applying for a loan you must know this key information so you can make intelligent and informed decisions.

Password no. 1: Identity what you want the credit for. It is much better to request a loan with the clarity of knowing why, when and how we will use it. This will allow us to request the appropriate amount and avoid “falling short” for what we want to use that money.

There is no money more expensive than the one that you do not have, because of many of the times for not having enough money we can lose business opportunities, our health can be affected, we can be charged more interest or we can simply stay half in the projects we have. Therefore, the key is to know how much you need.

Password no. 2: Evaluate if you are a credit subject. This sometimes does not have to do with the fact that you are in the Credit Bureau, but with your ability to pay. It is important to analyze that you are a person who can pay the agreed credit at certain times.

If your income is not so high as to settle a credit in a short time, you have in your favor the terms to which you are requesting the credit. The longer the term, the greater the possibility of having liquidity on a day to day basis and this will not diminish your quality of life.

Being credit subjects often has to do with how we select the term so that we are good paying.

Password no. 3: Identify if the government institution for which you work has agreements that favor you. At Credifiel we have an extensive network of agreements with government institutions so you can enjoy a loan, fast, reliable, safe and specially designed to give you the real support you need.

It is much better to approach a serious financial institution that supports you by special agreements than to attend a bank where they do not even know you and many times they treat you like one more sheet that will bring you money regardless of your personal circumstances.

Password no. 4: Verify that the institution that grants the credit is serious and also sees for you. Being a serious institution does not only mean that it is regulated by the financial laws but also attend you asking at all times and be sensitive to the urgency you have to get the money.

One of the characteristics that distinguish us in Credifiel is that we are a solid, serious, fast and aware institution in your needs. There is nothing worse than a serious credit institution that asks you for your grandmother’s vaccination certificate to evaluate whether it will give you the credit or not.

We can say with great pride that Credifiel is a highly human trustworthy institution.

Password no. 5. Analyze your financial future. It is fundamental to analyze and understand how you are going to face the payment of the credit. One of the fundamental parts for you is to evaluate your ability to pay and your ability to borrow so that you do not risk your daily liquidity so you can continue enjoying an excellent quality of life with your finances in order.

If all these keys are useful to you, surely you will agree with me that they are the keys so that your credit is a success. We will be happy to be part of a new healthy financial life for you and well-being for your family.