Loan Options without Usury and Tips to Apply, Check First!

Secure lending is always an option for those who do not want to be exposed to lending. So what exactly is the meaning of this useless loan? Check out the following with the provider options and how to apply here!

Ever heard of a loan without a mortgage? This type of loan is often used by the Indonesian community which considers the inclusion of interest on loans into the category of luggage that Muslims should avoid.

These unsecured loans are actually interest-free or often nicknamed Good Credit loans because they run in accordance with Islamic law. Usually, lenders who provide unsecured loans are providers who apply the Good Credit system in their loan lending transactions.

Loanless Loan Options

Loanless Loan Options

Looking at the world, there are currently two publicly available lending options that are widely used by the public:

Good Credit-compliant Credit

The first option is a Good Credit-compliant loan or Good Credit-compliant KPA, which is usually provided by Good Credit banks such as BRI Good Credit, Good Credit-compliant, BNI Good Credit, CIMB Good Credit, and so on. They will usually offer unsecured loans with a minimal amount of loans and a loan period ranging from 12 months to 60 months. In the case of a Good Credit-compliant non-lending credit loan, there is one condition that is not available on ordinary or conventional non-lending credit that is a statement that you must make.

In the affidavit there should be a purpose for the use of the funds you lend later so that the Good Credit bank can make sure that the money they give us without any Good Credit money is not used for bad things and violates Islamic law.

Good Credit Pawnshop

The second provider of choice is a Good Credit Pawnshop that will certainly give you a loan but should be with the guarantee or collateral provided. Types of goods can be gold, ECPB (Motor Vehicle Ownership Book), home or land certificate, and so on. The difference between Good Credit-compliant mortgages and Good Credit-compliant banks is that Good Credit-compliant mortgages do not profit in the form of yields like a Good Credit-compliant bank. But they will take advantage of the cost of securities maintenance services.

The size of the service fee depends on the type of goods guaranteed, the higher the value of the asset being valued, the greater the service charge you are required to provide. Other costs incurred include maintenance costs, maintenance costs, lost replacement costs, insurance, and storage. So if you would like to apply for a loan at a Good Credit Pawnshop, be sure to consult the terms of your fees as much as possible.

Do these 3 before applying for a Loan Without Loan

Do these 3 before applying for a Loan Without Loan

Before you apply for a loan without first having three terms, there are three things you need to do first:

Compare Non-Lending Providers

The first thing to do is to compare more than one private lender. Let’s say you want to take a loan from a Good Credit bank, compare all the Good Credit banks that provide a loan without a loan. The goal is to get you a decent and profitable offer. It also prevents you from regretting the day.

Determine Loan Nominees and Installment Period

Next is determining the loan amount and the installment period. This is especially important so that when you deal directly with the lender or the lender’s staff, you will never be confused again. But first, find out what the minimum and maximum loan amount and the installment term the lender can provide. You should not apply for a maximum amount of money until your loan is rejected or apply for an installment beyond the deadline so that they will not refuse your application.

Understand the Benefits of Loss

The last is to clearly understand what profit you will make if you apply for this online money loan. Although interest-free, but it does not mean that unsecured loans have no disadvantages as each type of loan has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let us take the example just as mentioned above of the loan that the Good Credit Pawnshop provides, if you calculate and total all of the fees charged, does the nominee exceed the conventional interest rate with interest?

Online Loans Become Another Loan Solution When You Need Funds

Online Loans Become Another Loan Solution When You Need Funds

If your unsecured loan application is rejected, don’t worry because there are already online loans you can rely on. One of the online lenders you can choose from is Good Credit. Good Credit is a type of online loan registered with the OJK (Financial Services Authority) so it’s safe and trustworthy. You can apply for a loan ranging from $ 1 million up to a maximum of $ 20 million with a minimum repayment period of 180 days.

First, you need to download the Good Credit application. Then sign up before you can log in. After successfully logging in , you will need to complete your personal data and upload the required documents.

After all, you just have to choose the loan number you want and the loan term. If so, then click start submission. Wait for the submission to be processed within 1-3 business days. If your application is approved, the funds will be liquidated directly through the savings account you provided earlier.